Putting Together a Dressy Casual Outfit


It seems like deciding what to wear on different occasions is becoming more of a challenge these days. If you were going to a social event, there would be many variables to consider before you picked the right outfit. In all of them, you want to come across as well put together, without trying too hard. You want to be relaxed, but not too relaxed. The best way to go about it is to break down the different sections of an outfit and pick something suitable in each section.


The shirt section is the most important. A dress-casual outfit demands that you wear a long sleeve button down shirt. This is a smart and versatile pick. Keep it in a solid color, or go with a simple and subtle pattern. Nothing too flamboyant. You can always roll up the sleeves later, to loosen up even more, as per the occasion.

You need to also have a tie and jacket handy. You have the option of going with either of these, but not with none of them. You will manage to appear respectful and considerate of the occasion and location, but not too formal.


You should then make sure you have on a good dress pant, or some good looking chinos or khakis. Jeans are not a good idea in a dress casual outfit, despite the fact that they might be our favorite. Make sure they are pressed, and color coordinate with the jacket.  Be sure to see page here!


You then need a nice dress shoe to go with the outfit. Sneakers are not a good idea, no matter how popular they have become of late. All those trendy outfits that mix up dress casual outfits with sneakers are for the eccentric and adolescents. A man looking to give off the air of class and style needs to follow the tried and true style choices. Trends fade. Your reputation does not. Therefore, a leather shoe in either brown or black, as per the rest of the outfit, is the go-to choice. Make sure that the chosen socks are also well coordinated with the pants. Keep its length as high up as the calves. Be sure to read more here!


If you are wearing some accessories, make sure to keep it simple and less. They need to also match the rest of the outfit. The best accessory to wear would be a watch. Cufflinks also work, as long as they are minimalist and elegant. Get more facts about fitness, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-color-you-should-be-wearing-to-the-gym_us_55b92784e4b0224d8834fbe4.


You need to invest in such clothes choices if you expect to make an impression at such events. At the very least, you will look well put together, and comfortable in your clothes.

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